What is a Home Buyers Tree Survey and Report?

A pre-purchase tree survey can also be called a Home Buyers Tree Survey or pre-purchase tree report. The purpose of a Home Buyers Tree Survey and Report is to assess whether there is a risk of damage to the property from nearby trees and their rooting activity. A pre-purchase tree survey is quite commonly asked for when purchasing or re-mortgaging a home where trees are present on site. Sometimes these surveys are referred to as a Subsidence Risk Assessment tree survey. We regularly provide arboricultural reports for lenders, insurers, homeowners and buyers. This is a cost-effective per-purchase tree survey for prospective home buyers and house purchasers to quickly identify any tree-related issues.

Our pre-purchase / home buyers’ tree survey consists of three services:

Under Ground Risk Assessment

An Under Ground Risk Assessment is suitable for lenders and insurers and covers all trees potentially affecting the property. This also includes vegetation management advice to reduce any risk of root related damage.

Our consultant will assess the potential risk of root related damage based on several factors such as the tree species and NHBC water demand classification, tree height and canopy size. You will be provided with management recommendations where required which will help to alleviate any risks that may be identified.

Above Ground Risk Assessment

An Above Ground Risk Assessment will cover all trees within the curtilage of the property and includes recommendations to reduce the risk of structural failure of the tree and its branches.

Our consultant will assess the physiological and structural condition of each tree present on site. The trunk, stem base, scaffold branches and branch junctions will be inspected for defects, disease or any symptoms of inner decay which may structurally compromise the tree. This makes sure that you meet your obligations under the Occupiers Liability Act 1984 by ensuring that any trees within the property do not pose an unacceptable risk to members of the public.

Tree Protection status Query

If instructed, we will liaise with the local authority to find out the protection status of any trees on site and whether or not you are located within a conservation area.

This is often to assist with management recommendations should they have been recommended. If a tree is protected you will need to apply to your local authority to undertake works to a protected tree before any pruning / tree works may commence. There can be huge fines for working on a protected tree without permission! If you are within a conservation area you will need to submit a notice of intent to undertake works to a tree within a conservation area.