Testimonials & Reviews

Below is a sample of the many kind comments and tree report reviews that we have received from clients we have undertaken tree surveys for, and from others who have read our tree reports:

Tree Report Reviews

‘Please can I add that I am really happy with the service I have received from Crown Consultancy…I would be more than happy to write a review for your website, as not only was Emma’s visit & report well communicated, other colleagues that I have had contact with have been so helpful and professional.’

…Gwenne Coltman, 25/6/21, Via email to the finance department after receiving her finalised development report.

‘Emma has done a brilliant job. A truly professional service from start to finish. The professionalism stems from first contact with Andy right through to Emma’s final report. So chuffed.’

…Mike Ruston, 11/5/21, Via email to the finance department after receiving their finalised development report.

‘Really appreciate the level of detail and feel confident I understand the position with regards to the Trees on the property.’

…Omar Nicholls, 20/10/20, Via email to the Arboricultural Consultant responsible for writing the pre-purchase report.

‘Our initial contact was with Daisy, she was fantastic and after a few questions knew exactly what we were looking for. Ivan was quick to get in touch and provided clear advice and outlined what the site visit would entail. We were both extremely happy with the quality of information and the depth of information that was provided in the report. The report definitely went above what we were expecting. The communication and customer service we received was fantastic. We would definitely recommend.’

…Sarah Parker, 05/07/20, Submitted to Google

‘Many thanks for your report which arrived bang on time yesterday.  Thank you also for being so professional and efficient on the day of the inspection, despite the weather!’

…Clive Beaumont, 04/09/20, Via Email to the Arboricultural Consultant responsible for writing the Subsidence report.

‘Fantastic company, contact was great throughout and the Tree Survey was conducted very efficiently and the report was written up quickly considering the size of our site and the ammount of trees to be surveyed. Thank you’

…John, Premise Manager for Dawn House School, 2/12/19, Submitted to Trustpilot

‘New to this process we found Crown Tree Consultants very helpful and followed our instructions very quickly. From the first phone call, we have been dealt with very efficiently and professionally. The whole process has been a pleasure to be part of especially meeting with Emma Hoyle who did our survey. Pleasant, efficient and professional and got our survey back to us in no time. Thank You to Crown Trees for your sound advise as our churchyard is a big worry to us being in the centre of our town.’

…Team at Penistone Church, 01/07/19, Submitted to Trustpilot

‘I would like to thank the team for the exceptionally good service in preparing a detailed arboriculture report.The 18 page document was produced at very short notice, to meet planning application deadlines and I was delighted at the way the information was gathered and presented. The report was extremely thorough and was prepared in a methodical, precise way. The knowledge of crown trees is of expert quality. I would not hesitate in recommending Crown Tree Consultancy. A fantastic job done. Well done!!’

…Mark Williams, 14/06/19, Submitted to Trustpilot

‘From first contact until final report given they have been fantastic I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone.’

…Daniel, 13/06/19, Submitted to Trustpilot

‘Arrived punctually and did a great job, sympathetically and systematically looking over the wonderful old trees we are lucky enough to have nearby. Also better priced than some others, but with no less service.’

…Matt Purton, 17/04/19, Submitted to Trustpilot

‘Very helpful to have a full survey to preserve our wonderful trees that are dotted around our house. Ivan was a nice chap who was sympathetic to getting the job done.’

…Matt Purton, 16/04/19, Submitted to Google

‘Absolute amazing response from them, professionalism comes across straight away. I would recommend 100%’

…Kash Khlmji, 25/02/19, Submitted to Trustpilot

‘Crown Tree Consultancy undertook a survey on an existing tree and produced a detailed report to accompany our planning application for a house in London. As part of a planning condition, they came back again to supervise a trench excavation to assess the extent of rooting activity of the tree and it confirmed that their initial assessment was spot on. They are professional, responsive and a pleasure to deal with – Highly Recommended!.’

…Y Ng, 20/02/19, Submitted to Google

‘Crown Tree consultancy are great! We needed a report done for the mortgage and we needed it quickly. They surveyed the trees and got the report to us within 3 working days. As well as sorting the arrangements with the estate agent! Would highly recommend!’

…Stuart Healey, 05/01/19, Submitted to Trustpilot

‘Robust advice and commendable commitment to bringing the Council’s Landscape Team on board to the development proposals during the determination of the planning application. Highly recommend.’

…Joanna, 17/12/18, Submitted to Trustpilot

‘Very professional company and Emma Hoyle was very knowledgeable. We received regular updates without prompting which appears to be very rare nowadays. Would recommend them without hesitation. With their help we also obtained the result we were looking for with regard to our tree enquiry which is always a bonus. Great!’

…Alan Rathbone, 01/08/18, Submitted to Google

‘I have been extremely pleased working with Crown Trees. Emma Hoyle was my consultant and I have to say she is major asset to their business, an absolute joy to work with, quick and reliable. I definitely will be using Crown Tree in the future.’

…Core Gym, 20/02/18, Submitted to Google

‘Very competent consultancy! Ivan was on site a couple of days from our call; we had a very good discussion on the protection of our trees while erecting a small outbuilding in our garden and followed with all the documents for the structural engineer and planners a couple of days after. I would fully recommend them.’

…Mario Kaiser, 05/02/18, Submitted to Google

‘Excellent company to work with. Ivan was very professional and detailed in his survey, giving helpful recommendations and insight into what would be needed in the Arboricultural Tree Impact report. Emma was very helpful and fast to respond with the report that we need for a planning application. The report was excellent and very detail. Would definitely recommend and work with them again. 10/10 guys.’

…Kevin Walker, 15/1/18, Submitted to Google

‘We have been more than pleased with our experience with Crown Trees. We needed a report done very quickly, so phoned the office in a panic. The ladies were extremely knowledgable and took time to evaluate exactly which report we needed. Ivan arrived the next day to assess and measure up, and he had written and emailed his report back to us within two days. I would recommend Crown Trees 100%.’

…Blue Sky Butterfly Studio, 14/12/17, Submitted to Google

‘Ivan and his team delivered an absolutely fantastic Arboricultural Method Statement and tree report for me, at very short notice. Their work was thorough, fast and competitively priced. I cannot recommend Crown Trees Consultancy enough.’

…Sherif Zikri, 10/12/17, Submitted to Google

‘This is one of the most comprehensive and well presented reports that I have seen.’

…Kyri Nicholas, Architect, 05/12/08, ref BS 5837 Tree Survey, Impact Assessment and Method Statement in North London.

‘A detailed tree survey / assessment.’

…P. Studholme, Tree officer, 06/11/08, reference BS 5837 Tree Survey & Impact Assessment at Premier Travel Inn in East London.

‘I was very pleased with your tree report’

…A. Snowden, Architect, 08/01/09, reference BS 5837 Tree Survey & Impact Assessment for shops in Doncaster.

‘I have been very happy with the service that you have offered during the past 6 months or so, and will happily recommend Crown to my new clients.’

…D. Craig, Architect, 28/10/08, reference BS 5837 Tree Surveys & various arboricultural consultancy services offered for several development sites.

‘I just wanted to say the report sent through yesterday is absolutely smashing and I’m even more impressed, if possible, with the speed at which it was done… …it says everything we wanted and it may clinch us the deal.’

…Mrs Brenda Burhouse, 11/05/2010, Pre-Purchase report in Almondbury

‘Many thanks for such a comprehensive report. I must admit that I have rarely seen a company such as yours to be precise on time, serious with their works and fantastic services..’

…S. Moussavi, fabimilk.com, 08/03/2010, reference BS 5837 Tree Constraints and Protection plan in Hammersmith.

‘I’ve been very impressed with the tree report thus far, the graphics and diagrams make it easy reading for a Structural Engineer. I hope the Planners will be suitably impressed in due course too.’

…A. Cartlidge, Structural Engineer, 08/09/08, reference BS 5837 Tree Survey, Impact Assessment and Method Statement in Binfield.

‘We received the reports and are very impressed with the detail which has gone into those reports. Our architects were also very impressed by Crown Trees and they will be using your services in the future.’

…H. Baker, Overland Developments, 22/05/2010, reference BS 5837 Tree Survey in Bingley.

‘It is enjoyable to work in a very efficient and professional way as per our working experience with you. I really appreciate your immediate response to every issue that we went through.’

…Sebastian Sandler, Managing Director at Xul Architecture, 06/03/11, reference several BS 5837 Tree Surveys, Impact Assessments and Method Statements in Central London.

‘It is nice to see someone putting so much work into a tree report.’

…J. MacDonald, Tree Officer, 21/01/09, reference BS 5837 Tree Report and Impact Assessment at a development site in Heckmondwyke.

‘The report is very detailed and highlights all of the issues. I wish all reports we received were this good.’

…M. Venton, Tree Officer, 10/08/09, reference BS 5837 Tree Report and Impact Assessment at Overstone Park School, Northampton.

‘Fantastically detailed, thank you very much, its a pleaseure to work with you.’

…Daniel Wynn, Tree Officer, 07/05/2010, Tree Report and Method Statement at Bowden House School, East Sussex.

I‘d just like to say I‘ve been very impressed with everything I’ve seen thus far – your website, my contact with you, my initial discussion with Ivan, the survey itself, right through to the final report.’

…Martin Durham, 05/05/2010, Tree Survey and Report at Bilborough, York.

‘This is one of the most comprehensive and well presented reports that I have seen for a long time…’

…K. Nicholas, 05/12/2008, Tree Survey and Report at London.

‘I am duly impressed with the thoroughness of your report, I consider your findings will help us significantly with developing the scheme with little impact to existing trees and hedges.’

…D. Dakin, 29/01/2009, Tree Survey and Report at Southend.

‘The report is excellent, I am extremely impressed with its quality and the fast turnaround!’

…S. Wakefield, 12/05/2008, Tree Survey and Report for The Ecology Consultantcy.

‘Thank you so much for your quick response. This looks very good and just what we need with lots of detail… you were very helpful and informative…’

…L. Riaz, 19/05/2008, Woodland Tree Survey in Furzebrake.

‘I was wholly unimpressed by your competition. From my limited experience you are streets ahead in terms of professionalism and approach… I would not hesitate to recommend Crown Tree Consultants to anyone in need of arboricultural reports.’

…K. Hargreaves, 19/05/2008, Tree Survey for AIM Interims.