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Quality of Presentation

As well as ensuring that our tree surveys are accurate and thorough, we take great pride in the presentation of our tree reports. All reports are full colour documents printed on quality paper and heat bound in a professional, showerproof jacket.

Data gathered in the tree survey is presented in a variety of formats which enables the reader to quickly retrieve the information that he/she needs.

Tree Survey Data Schedule

Tree Survey Schedule

Your tree report will not include dull tables of figures. Instead, information from the tree survey will be presented using scaled diagrams, enabling you to see at a glance the dimensions of each tree. The use of colour within the text ensures that hazardous trees or particularly attractive trees are not overlooked.

Tree Report Dashboard

Tree Survey Dashboard

Our unique fold-out dashboard provides you with a summary of your tree report. At a glance you can see an overview of the tree survey information.

Tree Report Plans

Tree Survey Protection Plan

Our tree survey plans are CAD produced and colour coded. A host of additional information is also included so that you are not continually referring back to the body of the tree report.

Quality of Service

The staff at Crown Arboricultural Consultants will always try to be as helpful as possible. We will offer advice and will tailor our tree reports to suit your particular needs. We shall arrange tree surveys for mutually convenient times and shall endeavour to arrive promptly. If we are running late, our tree surveyor will call to let you know.

You will be invited to meet the surveyor undertaking your tree survey so that you have an opportunity to communicate directly, enabling us to better understand your tree survey requirements.

See For Yourself

Please call 0800 0141330 and we will happily send you an example tree report so that you may judge the quality of our work.

Our Fees

Crown Arboricultural Consultants have invested in tree survey technology which enables us to be very efficient. We aim to be competitive and will endeavour to match any other quotation for a comparable level of service.