Pre-purchase Tree Survey

A Pre-purchase Tree Survey and Report is often required by a mortgage lender or insurer before you can buy a house.  These organisations require reassurance that any trees within or nearby your potential new property are not going to pose a threat to the structure of your house or harm anyone in your home or on your land.

Before purchasing a property with trees, we advise that a pre-purchase tree survey is commissioned. Many mortgage lenders and insurers will also require a pre-purchase survey to be carried out and provided to them. Some mortgage lenders and insurers may call it a Home Buyers Tree Report.

Our pre-purchase tree survey and report will address the following issues:

  • Potential damage to persons or property due to tree failure
  • Potential direct damage caused by roots or branches
  • Vegetation related subsidence on clay soils
  • Tree hazard evaluation
  • Conservation Order constraints
  • Tree Preservation Order constraints
  • Damage to structures caused by climbing plants.

Mortgage companies often insist that a pre-purchase tree survey is undertaken by a qualified arboricultural consultant.

Our pre-purchase tree reports are tailored to meet the requirements of lenders and buyers. We make recommendations in order to ensure that lending concerns are dealt with swiftly so the house purchase may proceed smoothly.

To discuss the issues you may potentially face and discuss your pre-purchase tree survey, please call on 08000 141330 or contact us via our forms on the contact page.

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