Subsidence Tree Survey and Report

Tree subsidence caused by tree roots taking up water, especially within clay soils, can cause significant damage to residential and commercial properties.  This can cost insurers a great deal of money. We can work with insurers, loss adjuster and other organisations to produce a Subsidence Tree Survey and Report.

A Subsidence Tree Survey and Report can be commissioned by a number of different individuals and organisations. The resultant subsidence tree survey and report would provide a range of solutions and recommendations to prevent further damage from being caused.

Properties constructed on clay soils in close proximity to trees may experience subsidence due to soil shrinkage as moisture is extracted by tree roots. Often the problem can be eliminated by appropriate vegetation management.

Crown Tree Consultants are experts in tree related subsidence investigations and offer the following services:

  • Below-ground site investigations
  • Movement monitoring
  • Vegetation surveys
  • Soil analysis
  • Heave analysis
  • Root identification
  • Data interpretation and analysis
  • Tree Roots

Crown Tree Consultants work closely with insurers, loss adjusters, geo-technical engineers and structural engineers in order to asses the cause of the damage. Our subsidence related tree reports include appropriate recommendations to prevent further movement. A range of solutions are available, including vegetation removal/management, installation of root barriers and strengthening of foundations.

If you are an insurer, loss adjuster, geo-technical engineer, structural engineer, or if you suspect your property is undergoing vegetation related subsidence we can assist with a subsidence tree survey and report. Please call our specialist team on 08000 141330 or message us via our contact forms.

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