Arboricultural Impact Assessment

A range of issues investigated within your Arboricultural Impact Assessment (as part of the BS 5837 tree survey and report) could include the following:

  1. Foundations:

    Your project may require sympathetic foundations to satisfy the local authority that important trees will not be damaged. If so, we can advise on all options available to you that will gain the support of the local authority tree officer.

  2. Road and drive construction over tree roots:

    You may wish to install a hard surface over tree rooting areas. If so, we can advise on sympathetic techniques and suitable materials that enable them to be installed without damaging the rooting environment. This will ensure the support of the local authority tree officer.

  3. Pruning or removing trees:

    Local authorities are obliged to retain high-value trees wherever practicable. We will advise you what trees the local authority are likely to permit you to remove and to prune, as well as which trees they will want you to retain untouched.

  4. New planting schemes:

    We offer these as mitigation for tree removal. A good planting scheme will improve the local authority’s assessment of your proposal.

  5. Ground compaction:

    We advise on different options available to protect tree roots from damage due to passage of vehicles, plant machinery and pedestrians.

  6. Soil regrading:

    We will advise what ground-level changes will be acceptable to the local authority tree officer.

  7. Boundary treatments:

    We can specify how fences and walls may be installed without impacting on tree roots.

  8. Installation of underground and over-ground services:

    Where applicable, we can advise on how services may be sympathetically installed without damaging tree roots.

  9. Future growth potential and the relationship between trees and the building:

    Local authorities will not permit development if they consider that it will interfere with the future growth of important trees. We will advise on the growth potential of different species and advise what juxtaposition between trees and new building the local authority are likely to approve.

After consultation with all interested parties, we will provide a supportive Arboricultural Impact Assessment. This detailed report will address all potential concerns, specify appropriate mitigation and maximise the likelihood of acquiring planning consent at first application.

To discuss your requirements further, please get in touch with one of our arboricultural consultants via our contact page.