Once proposals have been finalised, the local authority may require a detailed Arboricultural Method Statement before they will discharge planning conditions. Adherence to an Arboricultural Method Statement will ensure contractors do not accidentally damage trees during construction.

Affordable, robust mitigation measures should be specified that will take into account budgetary constraints and the practical needs of the contractor, whilst safeguarding important trees.

Crown Tree Consultancy have many years’ experience working both with and within the construction industry, so are able to balance these conflicting interests to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible.

Your Arboricultural Method Statement will address the following issues where appropriate:

  • Installation of underground and over-ground services
  • Sympathetic road construction techniques
  • Protective fencing specification
  • Land regrading
  • Necessary tree pruning
  • Storage of materials and siting of cabins
  • Handling of materials hazardous to tree health
  • Movement of heavy machinery and soil compaction

Adherence to the approved Arboricultural Method Statement may be a condition of Planning Consent. The Local Authority has the power of enforcement via fines and cessation of works.

It is essential that a realistic and viable Arboricultural Method Statement is produced at the outset which balances the practical requirements of developers with those of the Local Authority. Having considerable experience of the construction industry, Crown Tree Consultants are able to achieve this objective and help to avoid expensive fines and delays.

The Tree Protection Plan

This important drawing accompanies the Arboricultural Method Statement. It identifies areas where mitigation measures are required and specifies restricted activities in these zones. These restrictions will ensure the project runs smoothly without inadvertently damaging trees.

Download Example Tree Protection Plan Tree-Protection-Plan-Arboricultural-Method-Statement
Download Example Tree Protection Sign Example-Tree-Protection-Sign

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