About Crown Tree Consultancy

Crown Tree Consultancy was established by Ivan Button in 2008 and has since continued to grow and expand, due to our high level of customer satisfaction.

We operate throughout the UK and produce tree reports to an exceptional standard. We are esteemed amongst local authorities and the private sector for the accuracy and quality of their tree surveys and reports.

Our employees provide a professional and friendly service which ensures customer satisfaction, and is reflected in the high volume of repeat business. We have an expanding customer base located throughout the UK including local authorities, architects, developers, tree & land owners, insurers and solicitors.

We provide a wide range of tree surveys and reports, such as BS5837 for planning purposes, subsidence & heave risk assessments, tree condition surveys to assess the health and safety of trees, subsidence management where subsidence has already occurred, litigation where trees may be causing damage to a person’s property and many more. Find all of our services on ‘Tree surveys and reports’.

After Care Service

Crown tree Consultancy shall undertake the survey at their earliest possible opportunity and always keep clients updated regarding imminent survey dates. Our consultant will be committed to your project and will provide ongoing guidance and expertise about any aspect of your survey and report. We will also liaise with all interested parties and manage any arboricultural issues that may arise. Once our reports have been issued, there will always be time to comment on your report should there be any queries. You shall receive Crown Tree Consultancy’s report in electronic PDF format.

Liaising with Local Authorities

Crown Tree Consultancy have produced thousands of BS:5837 Tree Reports, Arboricultural Impact Assessments and Arboricultural Method Statements throughout all of the London boroughs and the rest of the United Kingdom. Throughout each project, we regularly liaise with the local authorities and the relevant tree officers regarding tree preservation orders, conservation areas and discussions around acceptable tree protection measures.

Why choose Crown Tree Consultancy

At Crown Tree Consultancy we pride ourselves on our extremely high level of customer satisfaction. We have a fast and efficient turnaround time. All of our reports are bespoke and tailored to clients requirements.

Choosing an Arboricultural Consultancy

Minimum Requirements

You should look for the following:

  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Membership of professional bodies
  • Several years experience in arboriculture
  • Relevant qualification to level 5 or higher
  • A good understanding of construction
  • Value for money
  • A good reputation
  • Experience within a local authority

Do not be afraid to ask for proof of these as you have a lot at stake if you are submitting a planning application.

Report Content

You want a report that addresses all of the local authority concerns, rather than just providing the minimum requirement.

If you can convince the Tree Officer that your design has taken into account the tree constraints, has a low impact, is sustainable and provides adequate tree protection measures, then you will gain his or her support.

Without this, you may be looking at a planning refusal.

Site Specific Content

Beware of reports that are principally made up of glossaries or generic information about BS 5837.

All reports should contain these things, but they should be within the Appendix, not forming the body of the report.

The Tree Officer already knows about these things and will only be interested in the information that relates to your specific site. Ask for an example report. If consultants are proud of their work they will happily oblige.

Next steps…

Crown Tree Consultancy Ltd are happy to provide any of this information to you, please call us on 08000 141 330 or get in touch via a form on our contact page.