This type of tree survey is what you need if you are concerned about the health or safety of trees. During your tree survey we will identify defects such as weak branch junctions, disease or decay and we will assess how the structural integrity of each tree is affected. Your Tree Report will explain our findings and make recommendations to reduce liability and risk.

Tree Condition Survey

Information about how to reduce your liability and risk as a result of a tree condition survey.

Your Obligations

Anyone who owns or manages land containing trees has a legal duty to ensure that they are in a safe condition so that foreseeable damage does not occur due to tree failure. (Occupiers Liability Act 1954/1980).

Commercial premises have a further obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to undertake regular tree surveys so that trees do not cause foreseeable damage.

Guidance issued by the Government, the Forestry Commission and the Arboricultural Association advises that a tree survey is regularly undertaken by a professional tree surveyor. Failure to do so may leave those responsible liable to prosecution.

Exercising your Duties

Crown Arboricultural Consultants will undertake a tree survey to identify hazardous trees and our tree report will make prioritised recommendations to reduce owner liability. An inspection frequency will ensure that funds are not wasted inspecting healthy trees in future tree surveys.

Type of Tree Survey

A range of types of tree condition survey are available depending upon the quantity of trees and the available budget:

Focused vs Full Inventory

We offer two depths of tree condition survey that are popular amongst our clients. The first is a Full Inventory Tree Survey and the second is known as a Focused Inventory Tree Survey. Both types offer an equal level of tree inspection and both types will inspect all trees within the site with a stem diameter over 150mm. Both types of tree report will highlight any tree works that are required and both reports will ensure compliance with the Occupiers Liability Act and fulfil your duty of care to the public.

The difference lies in the level of reporting. A Full Inventory will provide a high level of data for all trees that are inspected, whilst a Focused Inventory will only provide data on trees that require remedial works – the remaining trees are marked on the plan and annotated as being in good condition and requiring no remedial works. Most of our clients opt for the Focused Inventory as this satisfies their legal obligations and is more economical. Some clients prefer a Full Inventory so that they have a detailed record of every tree on the site. Whichever you prefer, the level of inspection and the recommended works will be the same.

If you are unsure what you require, our consultant will be happy to talk this through with you. Please do not hesitate to call us.

Quantified Tree Risk Assessment Tree Survey (QTRA)

Crown Arboricultural Consultants are also licensed users of the QTRA System and are able to undertake tree surveys which quantify risk. A figure representing the probability of significant harm occurring is included within the QTRA Tree Report. This type of tree survey is often favoured by those responsible for a very large tree stock.

Specialist Decay Detection Tree Survey

This type of tree survey assesses the extent of decay deep within the tree. Crown consultants have specialist tree survey equipment including a resistograph, and an ultrasound Picus Tomograph machine. Click on the link below to see a clip of our principal arboricultural consultant undertaking a detailed Decay Detection Tree Survey.

Climbed Tree Survey

Occasionally defects are apparent but their extent cannot be determined during a ground level tree survey. In which case the tree surveyor may recommend that a climbed tree condition survey is undertaken. Such recommendations are relatively rare.

Next Steps

To discuss your requirements further, please get in touch by calling us on 08000 141330 or sending us a message via our contact page.

"Excellent company to work with. Ivan was very professional and detailed in his survey, giving helpful recommendations and insight in to what would be needed in the Arboricultural Tree Impact report. Emma was very helpful and fast to respond with the report that we need for a planning application. The report was excellent and very detail. Would definitely recommend and work with them again. 10/10 guys."

Kevin Walker, 15/1/18, Submitted to Google

"Very professional company and Emma Hoyle was very knowledgeable. We received regular updates without prompting which appears to be very rare nowadays. Would recommend them without hesitation. With their help we also obtained the result we were looking for with regard to our tree enquiry which is always a bonus. Great!"

Alan Rathbone, 01/08/18, Submitted to Google

"I have been extremely pleased working with Crown Trees. Emma Hoyle was my consultant and I have to say she is major asset to their business, an absolute joy to work with, quick and reliable. I definitely will be using Crown Trees in the future."

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