Sarah Alway – Arboricultural Consultant

Working closely alongside the managing director of Crown Consultants since the company was established in 2008, Sarah has assisted consultants with writing reports relating to multiple aspects of arboriculture including; planning and development, vegetation related subsidence, tree preservation orders and tree risk assessment. Her longstanding position at the company means she is highly experienced in handling in all aspects of the business operations; from office administration and company finance to tree surveys, CAD drawings and report writing

Sarah has been attending tree surveys with qualified consultants for several years and in 2020, having obtained a distinction in Arboriculture and Tree Management from the University of Central Lancashire, she has started undertaking her own surveys. She holds a Technician Membership with the Arboricultural Association and regularly attends seminars run by the association in order to keep abreast with technological developments and best practise in arboriculture.

In addition to working for Crown Tree Consultants Ltd, Sarah also likes to expand her knowledge of the industry by gaining experience in other areas of arboricultural management. For example, she recently completed an invitation based training programme in tree-planting and management. Sarah also regularly volunteers with local climate action groups; tree planting and natural dam building to help mitigate against the risks of heavy flooding; a practice known as NFM (Natural Flood Management).

Sarah is inspired by regenerative landscaping projects that integrate thoughtful architecture and create places for nature in cities. In the future, she hopes to focus her attention on sustainable innovation in arboriculture and how green urbanism could pave the way for the future.