The indispensable Arboricultural Impact Assessment.

Everything you need to know about submitting an Arboricultural Impact Assessment for planning.


When construction or development projects are planned on sites with existing trees, an Arboricultural Impact Assessment is usually requested by the Local Authority. This specialised assessment, conducted by experienced arboricultural consultants, evaluates the potential effects of the proposed development on the health and longevity of the trees on the site.

The Arboricultural Impact Assessment is based on the findings of a comprehensive BS 5837 survey, which involves a detailed evaluation of each tree’s species, age, dimensions, structural condition, and retention category.

During the Arboricultural Impact Assessment, an arboricultural consultant thoroughly analyses the proposed development plans and assesses the potential impacts on the surveyed trees. This may include evaluating the effects of construction activities, such as excavation, underground services, changes in ground levels, and the installation of hard surfaces.

The assessment also considers the potential long-term impacts of the completed development, including factors such as shading, changes in water availability, and alterations to the site’s microclimate that could affect the trees’ health and stability.

Based on this comprehensive analysis, the arboricultural consultant provides recommendations and mitigation strategies to minimise the negative impacts on retained trees. These may include design modifications, recommending construction techniques that are sensitive to tree root systems, or specifying tree protection measures to be implemented during the construction phase.


Arboricultural Method Statement

A thorough Arboricultural Impact Assessment, well presented in a detailed report, can increase the likelihood of obtaining planning consent. Your Local Authority may also grant development permission upon the condition that an Arboricultural Method Statement is approved, as such, some developers choose to submit this alongside their Arboricultural Impact Assessment at the planning stage. What is advisable is unique to each project depending on its size and location – our expert tree team are happy to help you consider all the options without any pressure.

By engaging the services of experienced arboricultural consultants and conducting a comprehensive Arboricultural Impact Assessment, developers and architects can navigate the complexities of tree protection regulations, minimise the risk of costly delays and deliver beautiful developments that are constructed in harmony with the function of existing trees on the site.

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