Sika – Decay Detection Dog

Sika joined the Button family in September 2013 as an 8-week old puppy and has most recently celebrated her 8th birthday with Ivan.  A tennis ball fanatic, she relishes her role as the furriest member of the Crown Tree Consultancy team. She is always ready to go for a walk in the woods and even more enthusiastic when there is decay to detect. 

Ivan’s hard work and effort training her from a young age is reflected in her loving nature, talent and obedience. Sika is trained in arboricultural decay detection which means she can sniff out decay on trees caused by certain fungus or pathogens. Her nose is so effective that she is capable of sniffing out decay that the human eye cannot see. Because of this fine-tuned nasal talent, she sometimes joins Ivan on surveys to assist in the search for impending rot. Take a look at our decay detection dog page to see a video of her in action).

As well as being an exceptionally talented decay detection dog, she loves any and all attention and so will convert a typing hand into a stoking hand at any available opportunity. 

Likes: Tennis balls, sticks, long walks and attention

Dislikes: Sitting in the office all day when everyone is writing reports 

Awards: Greatest Olfactory contribution to an Arboricultural Consultant (Winner 2013-2021) 

Oh, and she uses Twitter @SikaTrees