Tree Surveys in South Yorkshire

Do you need a tree survey in South Yorkshire?

Crown Tree Consultancy’s dedicated arboricultural consultants provide tree surveys throughout South Yorkshire; from Sheffield to Doncaster to Rotherham and all the surrounding villages. 

Crown Tree Consultancy undertake many different types of tree surveys if you are not sure what you require you can either call our friendly team and discuss your situation or you can take a look at descriptions of different tree survey types on our website and decide which might be the most appropriate for you:

South Yorkshire’s blend of rural villages, larger settlements, and metropolitan hubs together harbour abundant tree assets in both public and private green spaces. Conducting comprehensive tree surveys across these varied communities provides key data to monitor tree health and optimize canopy management planning.

In Sheffield city centre, tree surveys help catalogue information about street trees and trees in parks. Regular tree surveys can identify potentially hazardous specimens and management recommendations made to sustain the asset while reducing any risk to an acceptable level. Surveys detailing species, height, canopy width and other metrics also guide urban foresters on tree replacements to match local conditions and advance biodiversity goals. Suburban areas like Mosborough, Chapeltown and Stocksbridge also undergo surveys to monitor ageing residential trees along narrow footpaths and power corridors.

The large borough of Doncaster spans dozens of villages like Finningley, Hatfield and Tickhill amongst vast agricultural areas. Rolling tree surveys here allow council arborists to log trees requiring safety pruning or removal, while guiding plans for sapling in-fills to maintain lush village aesthetics. In larger settlements like Conisbrough, surveys ensure heritage trees dating back centuries remain preserved amidst ongoing housing developments.

Rotherham contains several sizeable villages embedded between industrial zones undergoing regeneration. Here, tree surveys help identify ageing copses due for removal to make way for approved projects, while highlighting exceptional trees for conservation amidst new builds. Monitoring tools like i-Tree Canopy also aid in plotting open space for compensatory sapling plantings across Rotherham’s changing landscape.

From tiny rural hamlets to the Sheffield city centre, South Yorkshire owes much of its charm to abundant trees integrated across communities. As development continues, tree surveys allow for balancing growth and preserving the leafy allure that defines the region. Standardised data aids long-term planning so generations to come can enjoy South Yorkshire’s woodlands.

The map below depicts a selection of the sites we have surveyed in the last few years. You can zoom in to see if we have done a tree survey in your area of South Yorkshire

Crown Consultants survey trees in all areas of South Yorkshire, so wherever you are don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quotation. To discuss your unique requirements with one of our friendly tree experts, call us on 0800 141330 or get in touch via our contact page.