Case Studies

Tree Condition Survey, Inventory and Management Plan – Whiteley Village, Surrey

Tree condition survey, inventory and management plans for circa 250 trees within the grounds of Whiteley Village.

In March 2017 Crown Tree Consultancy were instructed to undertake a tree condition survey on trees within the grounds of Whiteley Village. As this is a retirement village tree inspection is highly important to help maintain safe parks, roadways, footpaths and any other area open to the public.

Our consultant visually inspected all of the trees that presented any safety concerns, recording information and plotting tree positions of any trees which were deemed to be hazardous / potentially hazardous. This is predominantly to prevent defects from developing and to provide management recommendations on how to maintain the trees health and safety in the future.

The survey was undertaken by one consultant over four site visits due to the sheer size of the site. The Northern section of the site was surveyed with the Eastern, Southern and Western sections following.

Decay Detection using a Resi Drill™

Following our tree survey we were then further instructed to undertake decay detection using a Resi Drill™. This was recommended within our report and was undertaken on any trees that our consultant picked up on throughout the survey thought to appear hazardous or at risk of potential structural failure.

We have since been instructed to return to Whiteley Village to undertake tree condition surveys throughout various different areas of the village grounds and have also undertaken further Decay Detection following recommendations made within our reports.

In conclusion, we have now carried out annual tree condition surveys at Whiteley Village and shall continue to do so in the future, in order to ensure that the trees are maintained in an acceptable condition.